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Winners will be notified after the closing date of 30th November 2020 and will have twelve months to take the prize.

  • In 1135, King Henry I granted the Bishop of Lincoln, Alexander ‘the magnificent’ (a nickname he gave himself…) to build a stone fortification in Newark, and so began the construction of our beloved Newark Castle!
  • That during the British Civil Wars, Newark suffered three sieges?! One in 1643, the second in 1644 and the third between 1645 and 1646! Newark is the home of the National Civil War Centre.
  • That the spire at St Mary Magdalene’s Church in Newark is 236 feet high and the largest in Nottinghamshire! It’s also reputed to be the fifth largest in the UK.
  • That Newark has over 1300 listed buildings.
  • This year marks 100 years since the opening of the Palace Theatre Newark. The Palace Theatre was built in 1920 by local businesswoman Emily Blagg.
  • At the time of the Civil War, the Prince Rupert pub was already 200 years old! During the Civil War it would have provided ideal accommodation for soldiers.
  • That Upton Hall is not only home to the Museum of Timekeeping but also the British Horological Institute? Since 1858, the British Horological Institute has been training people to make, repair and restore clocks and watches.
  • The Workhouse in Southwell is the first, and best preserved, workhouse in Britain? This austere building was built in 1824 after the idea was conceived by Reverend John T Becker and George Nicholls.
  • King Charles I spent his last night as a free man at the Saracens Head hotel (then, ironically, called the Kings Head) before surrendering to the Scottish Army, stationed at Kelham Hall. The Saracens Head is still a hotel, all these years later.
  • That Southwell Minster’s Chapter House is home to the world-renowned Leaves of Southwell? They are stunning naturalistic stone carvings and include Green Men and creatures straight out of a fantasy book!
  • That Southwell is the home of the Bramley Apple? The first tree grew from a pip Mary Ann Brailsford planted in her cottage garden in 1809. Every October Southwell celebrate their beloved apple with the Bramley Apple Festival.
  • That in 2002 Sherwood Forest’s Major Oak was voted Britain’s favourite tree?
  • There are 1,000 ancient oaks in Sherwood Forest? Making Sherwood Forest the biggest and best place to find these oaks in Europe!
  • The first literary appearance of Robin Hood was in 14th & 15th century ballads? The legends of Robin Hood have been in the hearts and minds of people, worldwide, for around 700 years!
  • According to legend, the beautiful St Mary’s Church in Edwinstowe is the location of the famous marriage between Robin Hood and Maid Marian!
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